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BoilerWizz - Why call us? We are a family-run firm of Gas Safe registered heating experts (Reg: 653925), fully insured up to...

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About BoilerWizz Limited

BoilerWizz - Why call us?

We are a family-run firm of Gas Safe registered heating experts (Reg: 653925), fully insured up to £2million liability and extremely passionate about boiler repairs and restoration. Our aim is to drive up standards within the industry, in which a lot of engineers struggle with boiler fault-finding and repairs and who will often advise customers to replace with new, expensive and oversized boilers for their property.

Experiencing a boiler breakdown can be distressing and inconvenient, and potentially dangerous for your home and any vulnerable people in the winter months. At BoilerWizz we believe that most boilers, regardless of its age (subject to parts availability from manufacturers), can be repaired and restored to their former glory. Replacement boilers are not always necessary.

All repairs are carried out on a fixed price labour basis and come with a 12 month guarantee on parts (for the original error code/diagnosis and repair initially carried out).

We carry out annual servicing for a competitive price, to help maintain your boiler exactly as the manufacturer intended, and to keep your boiler warranty intact.

Replacement Boilers

Where a replacement boiler is required, we are able to provide a competitive quotation following a site-survey - for all installations, the emphasis is on quality and strict adherence to British Standards, Gas Safety Regulations and the Manufacturer’s Instructions to keep your new warranty intact. All installations come with a magnetic filter as standard to trap magnetite sludge & debris and a full system chemical flush is also carried out as standard to protect your new boiler from contamination.

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What are the benefits of installing an unvented cylinder?

Unvented cylinders will provide you with equal pressure and flow throughout the property at multiple outlets/taps, allowing you to use two showers for example at the same time. Standard combi boilers will not allow such water flow at both showers. Installed correctly and safely, unvented cylinders are a must for homes with 2 or more bathrooms

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What is the best smart thermostat in 2020?

To comply with the latest regulations, new thermostats should be Boiler Plus compliant - all smart thermostats will meet this requirement but each boiler speaks a different language. Adding a smart thermostat to an old boiler with simple 240v on/off switching will not provide energy savings. Smart thermostats should be Opentherm compatible along with the boiler. Using the boiler manufacturer's own controls will provide the best results and modulation - e.g. vSmart on Vaillant boilers as they will speak the same "language"

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What is the best combi boiler?

Modern condensing boilers are all broadly similar these days, with common components such as pumps fans, gas valves and heat exchangers manufactured by a small number of companies. The differences boil down to installer preference, who they're accredited by and the length of warranty offered by the manufacturer. The best combi boiler is the one suited for your property's heat loss and hot water requirements. Pick one of the main manufacturers, correct boiler size, reasonable warranty for your price and crucially the right installer to ensure your system is squeaky clean to protect the new boiler!

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Mobile Phone: 07305069351

Website: www.boilerwizz.co.uk

Address: Bolton, BL1 8XH