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Rodect Pest Control

5.0 overall

This company has had their insurances and documents Verified

Rodect is owned and run by Ian Hill who has been involved in pest control for over 40 years. Ian is RSPH level 2 Pest Control...

Rodect Pest Control Review

The stress involved in having Rats in the loft area was greatly reduced due to the professional, skilled and supportive approach by Ian. posted 05/02/2016

From our first contact with Ian from Rodent Pest Control we found him to be extremely responsive and helpful. When you discover you have Rats within your home the stress is greatly reduced when you have a professional who comes to visit you within hours, which is what Ian did. A very personable and understanding professional who obviously knows his job extremely well. Once it was discovered our issues were as a result of the drains Ian was able to link in with another colleague offering a great partnership which eventually positively resolved our situation. We never felt alone while Ian was helping us and he actually became to be like a friend. He helped us negotiate with our neighbours and assisted in resolving some stressful situations. In our case the Rats were accessing all four lofts in a terrace of four houses and initially it was unclear as to where the Rats were gaining entry into the properties so it was really important that all occupants were agreeable to the necessary "Rat Control" and treatment. He helped us to keep the costs to a minimum and was always honest and very reliable. I would always recommend Ian and will be asking for his help should it be needed in the future.


Time Management: 5

Friendly Rating: 5

Tidiness: 5

Value Rating: 5

Rodect Pest Control Contact Details

Phone: 07854553353

Mobile Phone: 07854553353

Website: Rodect.co.uk

Address: Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire , CM21 9LJ