Power Up Your
Tape Measure with the Powerblade II

Get a free Komelon PowerBlade II when you recycle any tape measure. Claim before Midnight on May 15th. Only 50 available.

Upgrade your tape today

Tool Talk has joined forces with Komelon on a mission to power up the nation with the Komelon PowerBlade II, Komelon’s top-selling, 5* rated tape measure designed for professional trades.

Is your tape ready for an upgrade?

All you need to do is send us a tape measure (any brand, any age, any shape, we don’t mind) and we’ll post out your Komelon upgrade inside 24 hours.

There’s only 50 available and it’s first come, first serve.

Claim yours today before May 15th.


Professional tapes for professional trades

Wide Nylon Blade

High Visibility

Dual Side Print

Magnetic Tip

Magnetic Tip

Claiming your new tape is super simple

Step 1: Claim

First thing’s first, claim your Komelon PowerBlade II and choose your length.

You have the choice between a 5m tape or an 8m tape.

Step 2: Recycle

Once you’ve claimed your Komelon PoweBlade II, we’ll send you out a prepaid jiffybag so you can return your old tape ready for Komelon to recycle.

Step 3: Measure

Within 24 hours of receiving your old tape, we’ll post out your new Komelon PowerBlade II.

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Rated 5* on Tool Talk

“Bought this after losing my Stanley tape measure (similar build) 8m
Better in every way for the same price.
Double sided blade is so good for measuring overhead for spotlights etc.
magnetic tip is good enough to stay fixed to objects but not so powerful that it grabs onto everything in its path”

Review by Ewelectrics

I have used and broke many tape measures but this must be the best I’ve used, easy read measurements on both sides and very strong magnets on the end

Review by Gb Electrical And Building Services

Excellent tape for any trade, the tip makes it excellent for scribing a mark, the rubber grip gives for a superb fit, the magnetic tip comes in handy on longer measurements. Worth the money.

Review by Livie Electrical Services

Upgrade Your Tape Measure

Ready to wave goodbye to your old, worn-out tape measure? Power up your tape measure game and claim your new PowerBlade II today before midnight on Sunday May 15th.